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I need someone that knows about creating a web page. I tied to put buttons in but they don’t go anywhere.

I took my days back after exploring the swing shift concept.

Grandad on the far left with his siblings. I have a lot further to go much in progress. I’m feeling better about my painting.
17197 SW Smth Ave #44
Sherwood, Oegon 97140
I had long hair some time ago during the pandemic.
I took my glasses off, I have a new mole that came in under my left eye. A little further out than the one I had removed some years ago. It was driving me crazy changing shape and looking ominous right in front of me in the mirror every morning. It was ok though not a real problem only just to my imagination. It was scaring me.

I did better today, I managed to go through the day without touching the bread, that was the highlight of my day. ActuallyI got logged into this WordPress site finally, I used the correct email this time. It was a problem for some time, a simple thing really. I contacted WordPress and let them know I was having trouble getting in, maybe they did something. So getting in was a good thing for today along with the shower I just took. So I’m sitting here naked at my bedside typing away not yet in bed it’s only 21:34 not quite 22:00. All the lights are out just the lit screen and keyboard which is a part of the screen on this iPad. The mundane…

I want to work on this painting I need to bring a lot more depth into the painting.

Wow, I’m home. I went to the drs office and then had to cancel ride home so I could get X-rays of my little toe on my left foot which has really been causing me problems and pain. So I walked to the bus stop from the Drs. Office then rode the bus to Sherwood and I walked a mile and a half to get home and the toe was off and on in pain while walking depending on how my foot was reacting tightening up loosening and back and forth, sometimes I do a stretch of my foot and calf sideways kind of. If I walk just right it does pretty well without to much pain. I have to find the groove. I’m tired. Need a shower.