Yes, she’s missing arms she made me think and remember seeing a girl under the Burnside bridge without arms smoking cigarettes using her toes to hold the cigarette. Wow, how strong she must be.
Happy New Year 2023!
Just a start thinking about a guitar.
This one with my JR included
A downtown Portland bar when I was there here? Downtown or here? I think I had to catch a bus home or stay the night in a park bench. I did that a few times need to hone my social skills. This was a stage set behind the arched entry to the stage area I was outside it at the dinning tables.
I think I need to go further.
Still can take it further.

I keep at it I’m in front of the drawing easel in the kitchen as I type this in. I’d like to start carrying my drawing supplies like I did for the band scene in the bar in Ash and 2nd street I think I wonder if it’s still open after the Covid pandemic a lot of bars closed. The band was kind of spoofing the band scene, the guitarist held the guitar upside down and a girl from the choir was in the band but she bailed out when I showed up she was a great classical singer and choir member but she was making these high pitched squealing noises not really singing, I think she went to Dante’s.

I took it further, ok how about some more?
Well, okay
Red, blue, yellow
Taken a little bit further
A portrait out of my mind.
Let’s try again.
My JR plus a little bit I’ll put this away now.
Booster 7
Dec 5.2022

Watched a witch movie with candles lit in the second bedroom. Spooky scary fun. All the paintings with a touch of light porn are up in that room, well except for two in my room. Invoke the powers…

Marks on paper, prior taken a little further
And further
A star I went even further
Numbers are in there Maybe something else too, 23.

I added my JR and the date.
Further and furrher
I had to go further
And then further, I’ve been introduced to such too many times.
Tuba Christmas
Colour wheel
With my JR
Blue orange

And Further again
I’m working on myself

I’m getting a lot of scary stuff from the ether, are they going to try and move me out of my home? No they absolutely cannot do that. I stand my ground. I don’t care how many of them I and my right count for more than any number of them.

Yo-Yo Ma playing

And even further 1219/22
I put this down today. Girl playing an instrument. I started her a tiny bit low I need to trim the top.
A little more of her. Girl playing instrument. It’s an Indian or Eastern guitar.

It’s Christmas Eve and all is quiet…

What’s this?
And further

Christmas Day not a mouse is stirring, or anything else pretty much for that matter, thinking about others and family hoping some cheer can be found. Three kings with gifts frankincense and Myrrh.

Little black sketch book
I don’t know
Further I know…

Multiverses are simply different possibilities of what might have been seen when a choice or decision was made. So there aren’t actual multiverses existent. We live with our decisions here.

Comfort just a tiny bit further
30th Dec. 2022

One more today the 30th
Further, last day of the year New Year’s Eve
Further still
Flight January 1, 2023
Further Jan 1, 2023

I put a lot of stuff up on here. I don’t know maybe I put too much it’s all out of my head mind quick jots of line mostly I haven’t been looking at still life’s or doing figure drawing.

I need a new drawing pad, maybe I’ll use the coffee filters I have “did I already mention this?” . Maybe so. Glass of wine or two but I don’t do this very often it’s my birthday home alone keeping things together a little tight and quiet.