Feeling really good!

I started a Fast yesterday morning after breakfast, I haven’t eaten since and I am doing very well it is encouraging to feel this way. I have so much food in the refrigerator though I’m looking at it and wondering about the the big casserole dish of baked beans I just baked should I freeze it? And all the other food! Perhaps I’ll go a few days but I like how I’m feeling and am wondering if this will keep up for a good amount of time affording me the weight lose I so much need. I love food and eating but there things to consider. Today is a grocery day too. Some groceries will be brought over like milk I’ll need to drink after a few days before it goes bad I could have only asked for dry milk but didn’t I thought I needed both. It’s good to have dry milk in reserve. I have coffee cups hanging under a shelf which suggest there is more than just myself I could or should have one or two others living here with me in all the abundance I have. Perhaps I wouldn’t eat as much. It would be so easy to have a slice of cinnamon toast right now butI restrain myself as I started a Fast.


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