The rock?

Its an obsidian rock I painted in class and have painted it into paintings just as extra object to include. Ive had it 38 years. I perhaps make to much of it but it was made in the fire of the earth and its a challenge to paint. I have a grid of them 10 x 10 5 x 7″ paintings and working on anorher it will show my progress or différence in painting as I keep on painting the few on my table that Im working on will bring the total to 150 5 x7″ paintings or half eay through another 10 x 10 grid of rock paintings. It ties me to something Ive been working on since my days at Pasadena City College. There should be more but there are reasons I’ll not talk about life has been made difficulté Guardianship was stolen from me. I really really like taking care of my own affairs. I try to keep myself above it all. It really knocked me about. They’re keeping down.


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