I’ve upended my day, sleeping in until 1300 or so and staying up until 0100 or 0200 just had lunch it’s 1700. I’m doing drawings here at the kitchen table. Need to work in my Hebrew, precalculus, and my painting of course. I made blue berry muffins and I’m feeling a little tired, this is way different.

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Down time

I’ve strained a glute and have had trouble getting around. It’s my left side which is troublesome anyway as it is the weak side and easy to strain being the stroke affected side. it will be a few days, it’s been several already thought I’d be ok by now.


A new beginning is in order a new year approaching. Let goodness drive in amplitude upward. Let things open up to the greatness and Beauty of Life in the way that is good for all.

I had long hair and a beard for a time. I felt I was acknowledging my Indian heritage. The 2 brothers that came to America in 1500’s took Indian wives. At least one of them did. I sort of liked it. I cut it off rather than trimming it. I don’t know I suppose it’s better this way. It was to far from the norm. Some thought it brought to much attention to myself and suggested it meant something bad.

Paintings up in the house

Still in progress I’m working on it really I am. I should be over there now everything has been tuff the days just dont seem to add up. Life is hard and then you reincarnate. Some times on the same life span.
U of O Art office 1996 the brick wall
From class with Arvie Smith at the Museum Art School before PNCA
God its only 18:30 we fell back last night. And its dark.
Bury the sheep
I apologize for the carelessness of these photos it was a Quick run through of the house. The way things are…

Bread in progress, Rye

Funny I’m making a loaf of bread, I started fasting this morning maybe I’ll carry it through tomorrow too. I’ve put another painting up to work on so that’s two in progress. I’ve been watching a lot of plienne aire painting on You Tube. It’s getting colder highs in the 30’s next few days it looks like. I need to get to the paint. I’m still away from it. That’s a recurring theme lately. I want to feel positive and aggressive get to work feel driven to it. I know what it is.

My pole building 2002

My pole building I was living here when I had my stroke or bouncing between there and a single wide that was my younger sisters I was working on it building the house. It would have concrete foundation both sides another 12’ out big long rooms 30’ deep 12’ tall. The weather and time have taken their toll.
I lived here for a good 9 months and began building the pole building.